How to clean all kinds of stains on the carpet? | A to Z Guide

All kinds of stains on Carpets and Rugs

Housekeeping tips: How to remove stubborn stains from the carpet?

Do you know how to deal with stubborn stains on your carpet? 

Some methods can make things worse! 

This is all you need to know about carpet cleaning and how to remove different types of stains. 

Different stains and spots react to different methods and techniques, so one of the most important steps of carpet cleaning is determining the type of stain you’re dealing with and finding the right solutions for that particular problem.

Also, keep in mind that different carpets may react differently to different products. 

In this section of housekeeping tips, some common carpet stains and tips on how to deal with them are given. 

Notice: Before using any new product or method, remember to follow the directions on the label and test the product on a small area of ​​the carpet or rug.

Common stains on the carpet 

Food stains:

Food stains – such as cherries and berries, milk, or natural food – are all water-based and are some of the easiest stains to remove. Remember to use water and a small amount of liquid detergent (or white vinegar mixed with warm water if you want it natural.) 

How to remove drink stains and juice on the carpet:

Anything that has water as its main ingredient can be used in the same way. This includes drinks, juice, and even jelly.

How to remove ink stains on the carpet:

The best solvent to remove the ink stain is yogurt, in this way, pour yogurt on the stain and spread it on the ink part. After the yogurt is completely mixed with the ink, scoop it off the carpet with a spoon. Repeat this procedure several times until the ink is completely absorbed into the yogurt. 

How to remove coffee and tea stains on the carpet:

Some water-soluble stains, such as coffee and tea, are more difficult to remove because the heat of the liquid binds to the texture of the carpet. These materials often leave stains after cleaning. When water-soluble products are dissolved, these natural and organic stains are removed with an oxidizing agent.

For example, half-warm water and some washing powder, and a sponge can remove these types of stains from your carpet, but if the stains remain, continue to remove the stains with 5% hydrogen peroxide and a little water until complete. be cleaned and then dry the area with a towel and rub. 

How to clean wine, souse, and other organic stains on the carpet:

Other organic stains that react with oxidizing agents include foods and beverages, such as wine, grape juice, ketchup, mustard sauce, and most spices.

How to clean oily stains on the carpet:

Put an old cloth on the stain and iron it. Make sure that it is in moderate thermal conditions. The heat will help transfer the oily residue from the carpet to the fabric, which can then be washed normally.

How do I clean tobacco stains from the carpet:

The best cleaner for these stains is glycerine, with the instruction to pour a little glycerine on the desired area and clean it slowly; Now do this again and pour some stain remover on it and leave it on the place for half an hour and then wash it off.

How to clean carpet stains like eggs, blood, feces, or vomit:

How to clean carpet protein stains like eggs, blood, feces, or vomit:

Protein or enzyme cleaners are effective for cleaning stubborn protein stains such as eggs, blood, feces, or vomit. These enzyme products work well as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can use a solution of half-warm water, salt, soap, and white vinegar as a cleaning solution for blood and egg stains.

How to clean Soot stains or cigarette ash on the carpet?

Salt is the best material to clean and collect soot stains from the carpet, and for this, just sprinkle salt on the desired area. After an hour and a half, collect the salts with a vacuum cleaner.

How to remove rugs wax and gum stains?

The trick of using gum and wax stains is the opposite of the oil stain removal method. In these cases, cover the ice cube in a thin cloth and keep it on the stain until it dries. Then, use an object such as a spoon or a sharp knife to gently remove the wax or gum from the fabric.

How to clean Synthetic or plastic stains on the rug?

Man-made stains, especially those caused by red dyes, require a reducing mechanism. All types of stains, as mentioned in previous articles, affect nylon more than other fabrics. 

Remove these stains with a wet towel or hot iron or other heat sources. This process requires careful attention so as not to damage the color of the carpet or its texture. Use a damp, disposable, white towel between the iron and the carpet to protect the carpet from the negative impact on the texture.

Solutions for specific stains:

Acidic stains:

These stains, which may appear even by pouring some vinegar, need your quick reaction. Immediately pour a small amount of baking soda and water on it, and then add a very small amount of a dilute solution of ammonia and water. After a few minutes, soak the carpet and sweep it. 


Absorb as much as you can with a cloth, then mix a teaspoon of detergent with the same amount of white vinegar and pour some lukewarm water to make a thin liquid, then apply it to the stain and leave it. Dry and sweep gently. 

Clean Butter stain on the carpet:

Remove as much butter as you can with your hands and then apply a small amount of detergent to the area and let it dry. 

How to remove candle liquid stain on the carpet: 

Immediately put some ice on the candle liquid stain because it will freeze the candle and it will be easily removed from the carpet. 

How to clean Gum on the carpet:

Cool it quickly using ice pieces so that it can be peeled off easily.

Chocolate and food stains on carpets and rugs

How to clean Chocolate and coffee stains:

Immediately remove it from the carpet and clean it exactly like blood stains using detergents, water, and white vinegar. 

How to clean Watercolor stains:

Immediately put drying ink on it and heat it with an iron to absorb the stain. Then use detergent and wash it after a few minutes. 

How to clean Fruit stains: 

Fruit stains are sometimes very difficult to remove. As soon as the fruit falls, remove it and scratch its place with your fingernail, then clean it using the previous methods using a mixture of lukewarm water and a little white vinegar and diluted washing liquid, and then rinse. 

Salad dressing and meat juice stains: without touching them, so that they spread more, just use water and white vinegar and cleaning liquid, and then clean it and drain it.

Other Tips on how to better remove a stain from carpets and rugs 

If you follow the tips above, cleaning carpets and rugs will be quick and easy, but some methods can make it even easier. Here are some helpful hints for carpet and rug stain removal: 

1- Always clean up a stain quickly. If stains are allowed to dry on the fabric, they are very difficult to remove. Fresh stains are usually moist and removed with less effort. 

2- Never wipe the stain as it will simply spread to a larger area of ​​the carpet instead blot the stain and transfer it to another fabric.

3- If greasy and colored food like chicken broth is spilled on the carpet, immediately pour a bowl of yogurt on it, let it sit for a few minutes, and then do the stain at the same time as removing the yogurt.

4- If some wax is spilled on the carpet or rug, first carefully remove the wax from the carpet, then moisten the spot but do not wipe it with a towel, pour a little white alcohol on it, then wash the area with special carpet shampoo.



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