How to clean and maintain rugs or hanging Pictorial carpets? Best tips and Advice

Keeping Your Carpets and Tableau Rugs in Pristine Condition: Golden Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance.

Golden tips for cleaning and maintenance of carpets and tableau rugs

Carpets are one of the most important components of family houses. But not to notice the maintenance tips do not seem very efficient or economical. If you do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, the decoration of your rooms will also be affected.

that’s why we prepared this article to share with you some key points in maintaining all kinds of carpets.

First, let’s get acquainted with the general tips of carpet maintenance common in both hand-woven and machine-woven carpets, and then, regular care for your carpet.

General care

  1. Spread the carpet on a smooth surface such as stone, mosaic, ceramic, parquet, etc. This surface must be smooth, dry, and free of dust.
  2. Hand-woven carpets should not be spread on chalk, clay, or limestone surface. These materials will decompose wool and silk due to their alkalinity.
  3. Although the handwoven carpet is heavy enough to limit its movement, it may move in one direction over time. to prevent the movement of the carpet, use a carpet fixer, which is a piece of special rubber placed under the carpet.
  4. Constantly walking on a certain part of the carpet will wear the carpet in that place. To prevent this from happening, the carpet should be turned upside down at least once every six months so that the piles of the carpet can return to their original state and be more resistant.
  5. Carpet roots may be damaged if there is a lot of traffic on them. In this case, it is better to wrap the roots with cotton fabric.
  6. Avoid placing a pot or shrub on the carpet or its roots. Most of the carpet rot is caused by excess water at the foot of the pots.
  7. Avoid using bleach to wash the carpet or its roots. These materials will cause early decay of the carpet.
  8. Avoid placing the handmade carpet under direct sunlight, for example by the window. If necessary, you can use a carpet cover to protect the carpet, and it is better to cover it every two or three months to prevent unevenness of the carpet.

Weekly care

  • Carpet cleaning starts with sweeping dust and debris. If necessary, sweep it using a simple vacuum cleaner (no brush). Note that the less the carpet is swept, the longer it will last, so only do this when necessary.
  • If you see a stain on the carpet, follow the instructions in this guide. 

Monthly care

  • Lift the edges of the carpet without moving the furniture and sweep under it with a damp cloth or floor cleaner.
  • Heavy objects on the carpet, such as furniture legs and tables, should be moved a few centimeters to avoid pressure on one part.

Annual care

  • Sweep the surface of the carpet using a vacuum cleaner with a brush or a hand broom. you should notice that if you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush, avoid using it on the roots because the roots may get stuck in the brush and cause damage to the carpet. The last stage of sweeping should be in the direction of the carpet so that the piles of the carpet are arranged and the patterns get their clarity.
Expert Tips to Keep Your Carpets and Tableau Rugs Clean and Well-Maintained

Important tips to maintain Persian Hand-woven rugs and Tableau carpets:

Persian hand-woven Tableau rug is one of the most beautiful and delicate gifts, and how to maintain and care for it is the first word, in this part, we are going to familiarize you with maintaining Persian hand-woven carpets.

1- Do not roll and fold the carpet! 

2- Sweep the carpet regularly and carefully with a vacuum cleaner, especially the areas where there is more traffic. Walking on dirty carpets allows dirt and stains to enter the lower parts of the piles, which are more difficult to remove, and this can damage the texture of the carpet. Sweeping continuously removes these particles before they become a problem.

It is recommended to sweep three or four times a week for high-traffic routes and twice a week for low-traffic routes.

3- You can use naphthalene powder or tablet to prevent your carpet from getting ugly. 

4- Don’t place the carpet in high-humidity places, because you increase the probability of pestilence.

5- Iranian handmade carpets should not be hung on the wall without a frame.

6- If the carpet is in a closed and abandoned place, open the doors once a month and check the carpet. Avoid direct sunlight on the carpet.

What is the way to clean carpet stains?

Use a microfiber cloth, a towel, or another type of cloth that does not disband in contact with water. the tissue paper may seem like a good idea, but when they start to tear, small pieces of paper go into the fibers of the carpet. 

Vacuum regularly to ensure that carpets and rugs are dust-free.

Always test any new product or detergent on a small, inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet. We have already prepared a comprehensive article about cleaning all kinds of stains

The principles of silk carpet maintenance and cleaning: 

  1. Choose a smooth surface to spread your silk carpets, such as parquet or ceramic. This surface should be completely smooth, dry, and clean. Note that as much as possible, do not spread the handwoven silk carpet on the soil, chalk, or lime surface. Due to their alkalinity, these surfaces will destroy the fabric of the silk carpet and decompose it.
  2. Because of their weight, silk carpets usually do not move much. To prevent these carpets from moving, it is recommended to use a carpet brake in the principles of silk carpet maintenance.
  3. In the continuation of choosing the right place in the principles of silk carpet maintenance, we come to this important point: as much as possible, place your silk carpet in a place where there is no high traffic. This increases the life of the carpet and prevents its wear.
  4. If you put the carpet in a place with high traffic, don’t forget to turn it once in a while so that all parts of the carpet wear and tear at the same rate.
  5. Another important thing in the principles of keeping silk carpet (even when keeping the carpet in the warehouse and keeping the handwoven carpet ) is not spreading it against direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade the colors of your beautiful silk rug. To avoid this issue, you can use one side of the carpet or rotate the carpet from time to time so that it does not have two colors.


Handwoven carpet is a precious commodity that must be carefully planned to maintain to minimize damage. To familiarize yourself more to the maintenance and decoration tips for carpets, subscribe to our magazine.



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