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The Ultimate Guide to Gift Buying: Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes - Avoid These Common Gift Shopping Mistakes

Gift Shopping Guide: What gift should I buy?

Gifts have been a common human activity since the beginning of human history. We give gifts to those we love to make them happy. And strengthen our relationship with them. In this article, we will discuss how to buy gifts and presents. By following these principles, the next time you buy a gift, you can achieve better results, And the person who receives the gift will probably be very satisfied with his gift.

People’s goal at giving gifts is usually to make others happy and to show love. But it may also happen to you that you receive a gift from others that you did not like. Or you may have given a gift that you later found out was not a good choice for the person. We think this has happened to everyone, including you dear readers.

The principles of buying a gift are listed below on a case-by-case basis. And we have explained each one separately. This article is taken from several Surveys and articles from reputable psychology websites. And it is arguably one of the most complete gift shopping guides you can find.

By following the principles mentioned below, you will undoubtedly be able to prepare a suitable gift for the person you love. These principles are general and can vary somewhat based on personality, gender, and individuals. In the following article, we are going to give more detailed tips for buying gifts for men, women, colleagues, friends, etc.

Do not be late to buy a gift!

It might have happened to all of us that we realize that two weeks later is the birthday of one of our best friends. Naturally, we need gifts to attend a birthday party and make our dear friend happy; But the problem starts when we postpone buying a gift until the last minute. We rush to the shops and have no idea. Eventually, we buy something that is neither our favorite nor our dear friend.

Solution: We suggest that your gift be tidy and ready a few days before your birthday. Finally, you have bought the best gift with no anxiety.

Do not look for off offers and promotions to buy gifts

Some people go to the discount list of stores to buy gifts and choose from the limited items offered.
This not only limits your options but your friend may notice.

Solution: If you have a limited budget, it is better to specify the budget limit. Then choose the best option based on your budget. You can also search for the product on the Internet and buy it from the store that offers it at the lowest price.

It is okay to buy a gift at the best price and it is a smart and normal decision. The problem is when the gift is chosen only from the limited options of discount list and off offers.

Do not choose the easy way

Usually, people who do nothing until the night before the ceremony do not find the right gift. That’s why they turn to gift cards and cash. Although cash is an acceptable option for everyone but it is not exciting; And it means that you did not take any time to buy a good gift. Of course, regarding this option, it is better to consider the interests and favorites of your friend. Cash may be a good gift option for a friend (especially a student who is not in a good financial position!). But for an emotional partner who expects a special gift from you, gift card or cash is not a good option but it can also be disappointing.

Solution: Think about the person’s interests and favorites several days or weeks before the due date; By reading the principles mentioned in this article, you can buy a suitable gift.

Inquire and get information before buying gifts

Sometimes you may be invited to a birthday party that you are not very familiar with the favorites and interests of the host. In these cases, if your friends or acquaintances are also invited to the ceremony, ask about the interests of the person whose birthday it is.

Solution: If it is not possible to inquire from others, you can visit the social network pages in which the person is a member. Then get clues based on what he or she has followed or shared. For example, a person who reads books may have published posts related to the book and reading. For this person, a book can be an ideal gift.

Do not spend too much for gifts

You may come across an expensive option when buying a gift, which is 3 times the budget you want. It is because you like it. In these situations, the joy of finding a suitable gift usually fades after a few minutes and gives its place to regret. Because you have made an instant emotional decision regardless of your income and budget level. In addition, by doing so, you are likely to put pressure on the person with an expensive gift. Because it must compensate the equivalent for you; Which may be higher than his budget and ability.

Solution: Be sure to consider a budget limit when buying a gift. Make sure you don’t spend more than your budget limit on a gift.

Do not buy personal taste gifts

Some are quite tasteful; For example, people pursue different interests in buying clothes. One may like yellow and another may hate it. One may wear formal clothes and another sporty. Buying gifts that are highly dependent on interests and favorites of others is a risk. Unless you are completely familiar with the interests of that person. (Which usually never is!)

Solution: Even if for whatever reason you focus on items that are tasteful, do not choose riskier options. Turn to more general options; For example, crimson or white is a color that everyone has in their closets and wears. But this is not the case with phosphorescent green or red.

Do not buy very general gifts

Planned and exclusive gifts are more valuable from the recipient’s point of view. It is also best to avoid giving very general gifts; For example, a bank card is too general. But if the person’s name is written on the same card with a message, its value will be multiplied. There are many banks that offer these services. You can customize your gifts.

Solution: Even if your gift is general, you can attach it with a postcard, handwriting or something that is personalized. For example, when giving a book as a gift, you can write a message on the first page in your own handwriting.

Do not give a gift again as a gift!

You may have received a gift that you do not like. Do you think that it is better to give it to someone else? No! it is better to avoid this.

Solution: If giving again is your only option to do, then do it carefully. You need to make sure that the person is happier than you are.

Do not break the norm

Obviously, when buying a gift, you should think about the tastes of the person. But this is not enough. You must also be sensitive to ethical frameworks and boundaries. Sometimes receiving same gift from two people has two different meanings. For example, receiving a massage oil and a candle with a heart design from your spouse can be a romantic gift, but it will not be happy if it is presented by your colleague. Some gifts are inherently related to the private aspects of life. And only a few people in a certain area can exchange this type of gifts.

Solution: Respect the customs and beliefs and moral frameworks. Consider your position and that of the people. You are not allowed to buy any gifts for everyone.

Top Gift Shopping Tips: Common Mistakes to Avoid and How to Solve Them

Buy gifts according to your taste

Sometimes it is a mistake to buy a gift based on our own tastes and not the other person. For example, we may provide our favorite perfume or book for him or her. The problem is that people are different; And tastes not only differ, but sometimes contradict each other. As a result, your gift can even be considered an insult or rudeness.

Solution: When buying a gift, keep repeating to yourself that the purpose of giving a gift is simply to make others happy. And it does not matter what your personal taste or point of view is. You have to see the world through his or her eyes.

Do not Buy troubling gifts

You may come across a stylish decorative lampshade when buying a gift and you may buy it. But your friend should not have space in his house to put it. In these cases, your gift narrows his living space and causes trouble. The most severe case is when people give each other pets as gifts! Regardless of whether the other person has the ability and desire to care for the pet or not.

Solution: Some gifts are very attractive and exciting when opened. But you should think about keeping your gift, is the person likely to get into some trouble or problem? If the answer is yes, discard the gift.

Do not buy directional gift

Some gifts may be considered meaningful. It means that the person in question thinks that you have a special purpose for that gift. And do not feel good about the possible meaning of the gift. Just think of an anti-wrinkle cream for an older woman, a slimming pill for an obese person or a mouth freshener for your spouse!

Solution: It is better to avoid these types of gifts altogether. Because it may cause misunderstanding and reduce the others’ sense of self-confidence. Unless the person in question has explicitly and directly requested it.

Do not force others!

Your spouse may be accustomed to wearing formal clothes. But do you think it’s time for him to change his style? For this purpose, provide him with a uniform of sports clothes as a birthday present. Then wonder why your spouse did not like the idea and did not wear the clothes even once. We cannot force others. The difference in our views and tastes should not be reflected in the gifts we give to people, and it may seem worse that we intend to force them with our gift.

Solution: We came to this important statement in buying a gift: “Your favorites and interests does not matter, the interest of the person matters.”

Do not buy a thoughtless gift!

Sometimes some gifts are not only suitable and loved by others, but also are in opposition to their needs and wants. For example, if you know someone has a food allergy and you invite them to a restaurant that serves the same food that they have an allergy to, you have done something foolish.

Solution: Concentrate on such sensitive cases and ask the other person. Because giving this type of gift is worse than not giving it and may cause annoyance.

Improper gifts or dangerous gifts

Suppose you want to buy a gift for your sister’s 6-year-old son, who also happens to be very active and lively. You want to buy the most attractive item, such as an air rifle. Without the possibility that the child with that air rifle may harm himself or others.

Solution: In cases involving children, it is not bad to consult with their parents.

Buying a humorous gift

The gift you give may be humorous or a joke. Assuming your friend might like the joke; But this is not always true and you may inadvertently cause misunderstandings and annoyances.

Solution: It is better to avoid this type of gifts as well. Unless you are very close to the person and you are sure that he will get your sense of humor. And it will be interesting for him.

Forget the excitement of the moment

Some people pay a lot of attention to the excitement of others when opening the gift; In fact, they choose their gift in such a way that this excitement reaches its peak in a moment.

Solution: Your gift should retain its use and value in the long run. If it caused excitement when opening it, how much better! But do not base your work on that excitement of opening a gift for a few seconds.

Buying a gift for charity?

However, helping charities and helping poor is a humane; But it is better to leave the decision about helping charity to the people themselves. And in this case you do not have to decide.

Solution: We recommend that you avoid donating to charities as a gift to others. Because in these gifts there is no sense of ownership for others; And usually not have value to them. Only in the case of a charity, gift is a good idea when the person you are interested in has asked for you directly; Instead of spending money and gifts, donate to charity.

Buying practical gifts

Some people are inherently more pragmatic than others. In a general classification, men are more inclined to useable gifts. While women welcome more spiritual and emotional gifts. Of course, both males and females usually value the durability and usefulness of the gift. Of course, it should be noted that practicality does not mean just tools and equipment. Sometimes a painting has its own use, and that is to beautify the living space or workplace.

Solution: Get to know the other person. Maybe a set of tools is more attractive to your husband than a set of scented candles and flowers.

More is not always better

In today’s world we have learned that more is better. This is not necessarily true in the world of gifts. A cheaper but more spiritually valuable gift may be preferable to an expensive gift.

Important Note: If people have been receiving expensive gifts for several years, they will have some sort of expectation. In this case, if they receive a cheaper gift next year because of the expectation created, they will not be very pleased.

In addition, a phenomenon called hedonic adaptation has been identified psychologically, which indicates that expensive and special gifts such as mobile phones, computers, jewelry, etc. over time lose their value because people become accustomed to them. On the other hand, this happens less for spiritual and emotional gifts. for many years they can make the person feel good.

Solution: Focus more on the hidden value of the gift.

In these cases, we have tried to point out all the mistakes that may occur when buying a gift. We mentioned a solution for each of them. What do you think is the biggest mistake when buying a gift? And can you think of anything else not mentioned in the article above?



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