A comprehensive guide about buying wall rugs & wall carpets

All you need to know about Shopping Tableau carpets or Wall rugs - Tips for buy Hanging carpet - Buying Artistic Wall carpets - Shopping luxurious wall rugs

Everything you need to know about buying tableau carpets

How to make the best purchase?

In this article, we intend to provide all the information you need about carpets and tableau rugs to make a good purchase, both online and offline. After reading this article you will become an expert in distinguishing valuable carpets like Persian rugs from other carpets in the market.

A comprehensive guide to shop Tableau carpets or Wall Rugs - Tips to buy Wall Rugs and Wall Carpets. - Buying Artistic Wall rugs

1- History and introduction

Carpet weaving is one of the unique Iranian arts that over time has gained a special place in worldwide markets. 

Most Persian hand-woven carpets are available in sizes between 50×35, 60×50, 50×100 100×70 80 x120, 100×150, and 200×300 cm in the market.

The texture of hand-woven Iranian carpets became popular for the first time in Azerbaijan province and a small town called Sard Roud. with its 3,000-year-old history, Sardroud has been called the carpet capital of the world due to its long history and large volume of production.

 So, the whole art and business first emerged in Iran, and that’s why the term Persian hand-woven carpet and tableau rug is familiar to all of us.

 after a few decades, with the advent of the industrial revolution and weaving machines, machine-woven carpets became viral. nowadays, in addition to the hand-woven type, machine-woven carpets have also found a necessary place in people’s decoration all around the world.

But since handicrafts require more effort than machine-made ones, hand-woven carpets have more value and price than machine-made ones. Moreover, the hand-woven carpets have spiritual values and tell unique stories about mythological people living in the far past.

2- What are the similarities and differences between tableau carpets and carpets?

If we want to compare hand-woven carpets and hand-woven tableau rugs, there is not much difference between the principles of weaving, and both are done in the same way, which will be fully explained in a separate article.

But the difference that is very evident: The size of the carpet. because the tableau rugs are smaller than the carpets, the diversity of patterns, colors, and texture models is much more than the carpets; as a result, the work is more sensitive.

However, there is not much difference between machine-made carpets and machine-made tableau carpets, both in terms of texture and fineness, because both are woven by machines.

3- Paying attention to the texture of the carpet is one of the necessary parameters for buying a carpet

When talking about the texture of the carpet, unconsciously, the mind goes toward the density of the carpet. to know more about the density of the knots, click on our other article: content 1

4- Introducing the types of carpet designs: 

Basically, various plans are implemented for carpets, the most important of which are as follows.

1- “Islamic” style and verse tableau carpets

2- Tableau carpets with flower designs 

3- Wall rugs with a picture of a landscape

5- Why should we consider the yarns’ material to buy a carpet panel?

One of the most important things in buying a carpet panel is to pay attention to the material of the carpet.

But what determines the type of carpet is important. The material of the carpet is determined according to the thread used by the weaver to weave the hand-woven carpet and also the type of thread used by the factory to produce the machine-made carpet.

5-1- The threads used for weaving and producing carpets are:

1-Silk (natural type) 

2- Merinos

3- Wool 

4- Threads made of synthetic fibers (such as acrylic or synthetic silk)

If you want to make a comparison between these 3 types of yarn, it is as follows:

5-1-1- Silk fibers:  due to its better material and greater resistance, it is in a higher grade than Merino fibers and wool, so it is no surprise that the carpets woven with this type of fiber, i.e. silk, are more valuable, more expensive, and also from the viewer’s point of view they look much more charming and elegant.

(In a separate article, we will fully explain silk thread, its types, as well as its use and benefits)

5-1-2- Merino yarn: Merino yarn ranks next in terms of quality and resistance, and if we compare Merino and Wool yarn, Merino yarns have a much higher superiority than wool fibers for two reasons:

1- Merino threads are thinner than wool, so the resulting texture will be more beautiful.

2- Wool fibers will wear out over time, while merino threads do not.

In short, if we want to compare the fibers used in carpet panels in terms of superiority, it will be like this.

Silk > Merino > Wool

5-1-3- synthetic fibers: machine-made carpets, as their name shows are produced by machines and the type of fibers used in these products is artificial, such as acrylic and polyester threads.

These fibers have much less resistance compared to handwoven fibers.

And if we want to make a comparison between the fibers that we have known so far in terms of resistance and superiority:

1- Silk > 2- Merino > 3- Wool > 4- Synthetic fibers (such as acrylic)

This is exactly the reason why machine-made carpets are less expensive than hand-made carpets.

Note: Silk fibers are divided into natural and artificial. Its natural type is used in hand-made carpets and its synthetic type is used in machine-made carpets.

Warning! Don’t be fooled:

When buying a carpet, you should be aware that they do not sell you a machine-made carpet with synthetic silk with a natural name.

Also, in some machine-made carpet panels, for the beauty and effect of the Tableau rug, the manufacturing company uses synthetic silk along with acrylic thread.

6- How to identify carpet fibers ourselves?

Since identifying the type of carpet fibers as well as the carpet is an experimental method, therefore, by looking at a few photos and videos, you cannot acquire the skill to distinguish them from each other, that is why we suggest that if you want to buy a hand-woven carpet, make sure to go to the centers. Buy a shop that works in this field, or ask the sales expert of the shopping center to inform you about the type of carpet yarn, and another way is to use an expert who has experience in this field. This is because hand-woven carpets are superior in terms of price and value compared to machine-made carpets, so it is better not to panic and make your purchase with an expert.

7- Factors that determine the price of carpet:

1- The type of yarn or fibers used in the carpet  

2- The size and density of the carpet (in terms of fine or coarse thread) 

3- The type of plan and map used in the carpet 

For all these things that have been mentioned, we have explained each one separately and they are the main factors that determine the price.

8- Careful selection of tableau rugs

You should be careful when choosing a carpet, especially hand-woven panels, because these panels may have defects due to lack of attention and carelessness in the texture, which greatly reduces their beauty.

Among the disadvantages of these panels, the following can be mentioned:

  • Lack of originality of plan or map
  • The crookedness that is created in the tissue
  • Lack of quality of thread used in carpet texture
  • Non-uniformity and irregularity of carpet sizes

The first part that you should pay attention to when buying a carpet is the back of the carpet. The back of the carpet shows you how coarse or fine the knots are. You can also see the accuracy of the combs that the weaver has made. By looking at the back of the carpet, you can see some of the curves of the carpet. Pay attention that the frame does not cover the crookedness of the carpet, and if the carpet is sold to you without a frame, you can see the crookedness by placing the two sides of the carpet on top of each other.

For various reasons, such as inappropriate threads and fibers, non-identity maps, old machines, lack of monitoring of the thread production process to the carpet texture, etc., machine-made panels may have defects that reduce their attractiveness.

Everything you need to know about buying pictorial carpets or Hanging wall rugs - buying Wall rugs A to Z - - Buying Artistic Wall rugs - Shopping luxurious hanging wall carpets - handmade artistic crafts

9- What type of frame is suitable for your tableau carpet?

Tableau rugs, which are known as decorative elements, often act as a complement to other accessories in decoration, the choice of frame for them should be such that it satisfies the beauty of the work of art, its protection, and creating harmony in the environment. When buying the carpet tableau, pay attention to choosing the right frame for it. To decorate the wall, you should also consider the interior decoration style of the house; Usually, a relatively large wall rug is installed on the wall of a classic space, including pictures of landscapes, people, or old or natural objects.

The most important factor in the effectiveness and beauty of the wall carpet is the choice of frame type. The suitable frames for tableau rugs are usually wide and flowery. after the carpet is placed in these types of frames, it looks bigger in size and shows a special beauty and elegance. prevent the use of glass on the frame of the carpet, and also note that the size of the panel should be chosen according to the carpet.


Carpets are available in 3 types: hand-woven, machine-woven, and machine-printed. Carpets should be purchased based on the type of decoration. To ensure the quality and authenticity of the carpet, it is better to buy it without a frame. To maintain the carpet, you must keep it away from moisture and sunlight.

To fully familiarize you with how to maintain the carpet, we preferred to present this topic in a separate article. Click on the title to read this comprehensive article.



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